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“I love everything about this game, the classes feel unique, skill chains make combat fun as well as more strategic, the graphics are very well optimized, and the storyline/PvPvE features pretty much wrap it up for me.

Addon : After playing till 29 so far I love the game even more, I'm slowly figuring out the game was different than I imagined it would be, it is actually a lot more complicated once you get into it. The abyss at 25 is where the game *really* kicks off, and at 30 you start up in the much harder instances and as you level the combat gets more and more in depth while you gain access to more content such as battleground:dredgion and whatnot so while it might seem like spending 4 hours per level is a lot, you consider that for about 30 levels it takes you 4 hours that's about a month almost of leveling, and you have lots of fun while leveling via instances/elite grinding/epic campaign quests or you can solo through the whole thing and do repeatable quests over and over or do a bunch of regular quests with some instances/elite grinding here and there or level completely from PvPing, there's a lot of choices you can choose from.”

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