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korncob reviews ijji GunZ (PC-MAC)

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korncob said...

Hmm where do I start with this game.

Graphics : Design is fantastic, if not a bit rough around the edges. The actual graphics are.....good enough I suppose. Animations are buggy of course and...that's about it.

Sound : Backround music is alright, gun sounds and whatnot could be better to be honest but are not bad for a f2p game.

Gameplay : Let me start off by saying I played this game for about 3~4 years straight, if you check out my xfire profile you'll notice it's around 2k hours...that's probably 1/4th of the actual hours I played this game.

Yes, I learned to K-style, E-style, M-style whatever you want to call the various techniques in the game yes I learned them all. I was even one of the first to learn the self proclaimed "forbidden steps" such as gear step and whatnot before over half the community even knew what they were. I played since the beginning of iGunZ when it first went into beta (International GunZ hosted by Maiet themselves).

Here's the good part about the game, the actual combat can be extremely fun and crazy. It is just nuts, very hard to explain but this game has the fastest macro'ing (as in button pressing) than any other game you could possibly imagine. It takes a good 2~4 months of practice to truly learn how to "kstyle", one of the main styles of playing in the game, and even longer to learn to use it effectively. There was also "E-style", or eurostyle, which was just using rifles and whatnot just regularly not jumping off of walls as much and whatnot. I'll tell you right now the styles were just a bullshit 8 year old thinking they're somehow superman because they know something that a lot of other people don't know.
In reality there is a bunch of "steps" or "moves" that are a series of button-pressing that use the game mechanics to their advantage, basically. See when they first made the game it was a fairly bland TPS shooter with wall running and sword slashing, not much to it. Then they changed up the game a bit (not sure exactly how this happened, it was in korean back then) and a series of glitches were found by the players, one of the main ones being that you can switch weapons mid-shoot/slash.
Obviously this created a lot of "exploiters" or whatever you like to call them and the company that made the game realized the potential in having this glitches in the game, and embraced them with open arms making them completely fine to use. Eventually in korea they started coming up with various moves, for instance the most basic move is a sword move that allows you to attack and block within the same second while dashing and jumping, making it harder for you to hit them and they are also blocking in midair so if you do shoot them there's a chance they just outright block the attack, it eventually wound up as "butterfly step" and several other moves like half step, quarter step, light step, etc. ended up being "created" as well and eventually all of these moves were being used by about 85% of the population and therefor when the game came to everyone else the korean named Kaise came over and started teaching to everyone, eventually it was dubbed Korean style (Kstyle for short) and it spread like a disease.

Nowadays everyone in the ijji version of gunz pretty much uses kstyle, though along the way there's been some style made up such as "monk style" which is a variation of butterfly in conjunction with all the other moves, and Dstyle or "Dagger style" which is obviously the same thing as kstyle but with a dagger and using different glitches/moves.

Anyways to get to my point, I love this part of the game, I love doing kstyle/dstyle/estyle/whatever I feel like and just going with the flow of the game. A lot of people really hate the styles, it's mostly because they don't feel like learning it though...that's the only reason I can think of, not to mention estylers/dstylers/whatever can be just as good as kstylers if they try, I've had my ass kicked several times by people who use their style tactically against me. This whole system is very unique and never seen before an a game, that's why I played the game for so long as you can imagine.

Now let me get to the reason why this is a 3/5.
Quest mode sucks, it really does. It causes you to have to dumb down your reflexes and hold down the left mouse button with a machine gun while occasionally dodging things. It does not at all fit with GunZ in my eyes.
The lag for this game, is horrid. If someone has over 80 ping the game will not visibly *show* them lagging but their actual hitboxes are not where they show they are on your screen, so it is far too difficult to kill someone. To fix this obviously they could add in client side hitting, but they decided not to because in korea I suppose they don't have to worry about that at all.
The hackers also ruin this game, a lot, and there's plenty of them, no patch has been able to stop them. I even took a break and played the korean version of gunz for a while back before i

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