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korncob reviews La Tale (PC)

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korncob said...

Graphics : it's 2d sidescrolling, sprites are fairly well done but again it's 2d so there isn't much to work on..lol

Sound : Eh they're alright, it's anime based so a lot of odd grunts and such.

Gameplay : I had a horrible encounter with this game at first, loads of laaaaag as did a lot of people. I'm not sure if they fixed this issue but I have no more lag since I moved...I suppose it was related somehow. Anyhow, the actual combat is pretty good for a 2d sidescroller, there isn't much to do other than button mash until they die so...it can get quite repetitive after a while.

In fact, it can get very repetitive...and grindy, which is why I quit.

All in all this game was better for me than maplestory but not as good as DFO....so try it out if you like anime type 2d sidescrollers I suppose. 3/5

Game Traits applied to La Tale (PC) by korncob

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
    Enemies, monsters
  • How it's Played:
    With Friends, 2D side scrolling
  • General Tone:
La Tale

La Tale (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date:
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